Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Show Outline for the Morning Drive for May 27, 2015: 
6:05a- Doug Kellett talks with Jim Kouri of about the top stories of the morning.  7:35a- Doug Kellett talks with Christie Habin Hanson, National issues campaign manage for American's for Prosperity.  The export-import bank is harming taxpayers by providing taxpayer backed loans and loan guarantees to foreign companies.  Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and former Governor Jeb Bush also agree the bank should be retired.
8:05a- Doug Kellett talks with author, talk show host and pastor Carl Gallups about the latest twitter trend of the young people.  It is a game via twitter aimed at contacting a demon named charlie.  Youtube videos of the game are being posted every day.  What does this mean?
8:35a- Doug Kellett talks with former Congressman Bob Beauprez about the top stories of the morning.  Hillary email revelations, Court rules against Obama's amnesty, and SCOTUS ruling soon on Obamacare.


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