Friday, April 24, 2015

Show Outline for the Morning Drive for April 24, 2015: 
7:05a- Doug Kellett talks with Lance LaRusso about the stories this week regarding police and the public.  
7:35a- Doug Kellett talks with Andrew Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute.  Director of the Center on Higher Education Reform. In his writing "High Costs, Uncertain Benefits" Kelly survey's high school graduates and found them to be the most satisfied.  
8:05a- Doug Kellett talks with former congressman John LeBoutillier and co-host of the FNC's political insiders program.  
9:05a- Bill Gheen on immigration reform. 
9:35a- Doug Kellett talks with David Rutherford, co-author of "The Wright Stuff: A story of Perseverance, inspiration and hope." about parents who do not want their teens to play football for safety. His book details Victor Wright whose high school football injury in 1976 left him a quadriplegic.


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